Network Implementation


Shared technologies and resources, we provide the perfect fit.

Whether you are looking for a means of sharing resources, taking advantage of your existing IT investment or to make better use of efficiencies and communication, RJR Solutions is prepared to provide your organization with a perfect fit, while maintaining budgetary contraints.

 Steps for Success

  • Prepare

    Preparation and understanding our client's needs is paramount to the success of any network or system upgrade and implementation.  The preparation phase can also establish a financial justification for network strategy by assessing the business case for the proposed architecture.  Since we work in all technologies, like a master builder, we understand that it may take different tools to achieve the desired results.  We question where others assume.

  • Plan and Expectations

    A project plan is useful for helping manage the tasks, responsibilities, critical milestones, and resources required to implement changes to the network.  Managing expectations are also very critical to a successful project.  We do not believe in making promises we cannot keep, nor do we believe that a project should be open ended.  There is a clear beginning and a clear end that can be measured for success.

  • Design

    The network design specification is a comprehensive detailed design that meets current business and technical requirements, and incorporates specifications to support availability, reliability, security, scalability, and performance. The design specification is the basis for the implementation activities.

  • Implement

    Now that all hardware and software needs have been identified, the implementation phase will be managed to minimize user impact and virtually eliminate client downtime. This is achieved by performing as much of the preparation and installation offsite or in parallel with the client's existing environment.  Although the success of the project is most critical, it cannot come at the expense of unforseen disruption of work stoppage. 

  • Training

    Training is often missed by many of our competitors and can cause a very bad experience, potential loss of business and wasted resources and money.  Having yourself and your staff properly and simply trained for their new system or software will increase your return on investment.  It is far more beneficial to our clients and ourselves to make sure our clients are working and leveraging the tools efficiently and effectively.

  • Fine Tune and Optimize

    Post implementation and training usually require additional adjustments to a network and sometimes a process once everyone is working in the new environment.  This can be a simple scripting change for a user or group, modification to the backup and disaster recovery process, or a minor change in workflow to simplify an existing process.  RJR will be there before, during and after your upgrade to ensure that you are yielding the best results.