IT Services


We offer our clients a variety of options in order to meet their needs.

  • Network Implementation and Support

    Whether you are looking for a means of sharing resources, or fully taking advantage of today's shared technologies, RJR Solutions is prepared to provide your organization with a perfect fit, while maintaining budgetary constraints.

  • 24/7 Managed Networks

    RJR Solutions offers complete round the clock maintenance and monitoring of your most vital investment, your servers and systems. Proper planning and maintenance is essential for the health and growth of your organization. RJR Solutions has developed cost effective and simple coverage that fits any business model and budget.

  • Offsite Remote Backup (ORB)

    In-house backup and recovery plans can be an expensive investment. There is the cost of hardware, the cost of the software, and the cost of hiring trained employees to handle the process, not to mention the potential for natural disasters and employee sabotage. These, among other issues, create a strong case for offsite remote backups (ORB). Our ORB automated process requires little or no additional investments with quick, easy availability for data recovery, which can show immediate results in your bottom line and safe keeping of your critical company files.

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    With Cloud computing upgrading and maintaining your IT has never been simpler. Your technology, software and applications are hosted by our team of experts, which means you can eliminate the cost of investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software and training new employees – saving you money and letting you focus on your business.

  • Email Solutions

    RJR Solutions offers several email environments, all of which include state of the art anti-spam and anti-virus features. Whether you are looking for a simple POP/IMAP email system, My Outlook Online (MOO) Hosted Exchange system, or to implement your own Microsoft Exchange service, our staff can provide the guidance, tools and pricing to fit any budget and need.

  • Custom Programing

    Whether custom designing from the ground up or tailoring an off-the-shelf software package for your organization, RJR Solutions has the dedicated and experienced staff to complete the project. We maximize the potential of the software investment you have already made and customize your site for better function. We can develop in many programming languages, such as Visual Basic, Access, FileMaker Pro, SQL, C, Basic, PERL, and PHP.

  • Onsite, Remote and Telephone Support

    Businesses cannot afford costly down time and loss of productivity. Many problems can be solved with a phone call and, during business hours, you will always be greeted by a live person. Once the problem is assessed, we can securely connect to your system to resolve the issue in a timely manner or suggest the most cost effective solution. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, a tech can be dispatched to your site. We offer various ways to get in touch with a tech, including helpdesk ticketing, email and emergency after hours support.