Hybrid Cloud Solutions


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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing can be a very powerful tool.  However, as with most tools, it is not the best tool for all jobs.  It is simply one tool in a complete set of tools.  Also, there are some problems inherent with relying on strict cloud computing.  File access can be much slower than having the information stored locally.  If the Internet goes out, you can lose access to your information.  If you need to run a database or application server, you may suffer a severe slowdown in performance.  This is where running a Hybrid Cloud Solution can shine.  It is leveraging both cloud and local storage along with services to provide a complete solution that runs extremely fast internally, yet accessible from anywhere, which is the strength of Cloud Computing.  We approach all our client's needs keeping this in mind.

  • Secure Environment

    Keeping your private and confidential information on your internal systems provides the highest level of security. 

  • High Speed and Reliability

    Local network speeds are at least 10 times faster than most ISP connections.

  • Cost Benefit

    Businesses can see an average reduction in overall IT costs of around 17%.

  • Scalability

    Expand your storage space as your needs increase.